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Long-distance moves involve moving across state lines. They require advanced planning and can include a combination of services such as packing, short-term storage, truck rental, and insurance.

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What is a long-distance move?

There are three types of long-distance moves -- interstate, intrastate, and international. Regardless of type, long-distance moves require careful planning and advanced scheduling to go smoothly.

A long-distance interstate move is when the goods moved cross at least one state line. Companies that provide long-distance moving services require authorization from state and federal authorities. The drivers for long-distance moves must have the proper certifications.

A long-distance intrastate move doesn't cross a state line, but the driving distance exceeds that of a local move. Each moving company can determine how many driving miles make a move a long-distance move.

An international move is when goods move between two or more countries. International moves involve packing, customs clearance, insurance protection, and extensive schedule coordination.

Long-distance moves are also known as nationwide, cross-country, and state-to-state moves.

Types of long-distance moves

Residential moves

A long-distance residential move is when an individual or family moves from one residence to another. Long-distance residential movers need to consider things such as packing supplies, furniture protection, moving truck capacity, and insurance coverage. Residential moves are also known as household moves.

Office moves

A long-distance office move is when a business moves an office across state lines. Also called a business move, long-distance office moves are challenging. Office furniture and equipment often require extensive assembly and disassembly effort. They also need to be packed and secured during transport using specific supplies and strapping systems.

Corporate relocation

A long-distance corporate move can involve one or many employees. They can involve direct coordination between the moving company and the individual. Or, the moving company may work with a corporate relocation agent to plan the move.

Other types of long-distance moves are military moves, international moves, and freight shipping.

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Long-Distance Moving Tips

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