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A local move is when all of the stops or locations are in the same state. Some families moving across town may only need help loading and unloading. Others may need a moving crew, equipment, and a truck.

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What is a local move?

A local move is when all stops are in the same state and the driving distance is relatively short. While there isn't a specific driving distance that makes a move "local" they typically involve less than 100 miles of total driving.

There are numerous types of local moves. All of them require specialized know-how, a hardworking crew and equipment, and a vehicle or moving container.

movers loading truck

Types of local moves

Residential moves

A residential move is when someone moves between a condo or apartment, studio, dorm room, or house. Residential moving requires knowledge of how to move furniture in elevators and up/down stairs. Experience parking large moving trucks in high-traffic areas is also needed.

Storage moves

Storage moves involve loading or unloading items into a storage unit. Storing items for several months or years requires specific furniture protection techniques. Moving crews must know how to stack and pack items to maximize space.

Office and retail moves

The size and weight of office furniture make office moves challenging. They usually involve a lot of labor-intensive furniture assembly and disassembly.

Furniture rearranging

This type of local move does not involve transporting items. Furniture rearranging is when a small number of furniture items are moved at the same location. Purposes for rearranging include remodeling or replacing carpet.

movers loading truck

Hiring local moving labor

Extra muscle for loading

Moving labor assistance is for people that have made arrangements for the moving truck, equipment, and supplies. They're looking for some extra muscle to help with loading and unloading items into a truck or moving container.

Moving safely through difficult spaces

Professional movers have experience moving furniture through difficult spaces. They know how to load items in elevators and maneuver furniture around corners and up/down tight staircases. 

Get help with heavy items

A great benefit of hiring local moving labor is having them move heavy items. Experienced movers are trained to use proper lifting techniques that reduce the risk of injury. They know how to use moving straps and other equipment to lift and move hundreds of pounds safely.

Renting a truck for a local move

Local movers have options when it comes to renting a moving truck. Do-it-yourself movers may choose to rent a moving truck and drive it themselves. An alternative option is hiring a moving company that provides a moving truck, driver, and crew as a package.

Moving company drivers will know how to drive large moving trucks safely under stressful conditions. They'll also be comfortable maneuvering and parking in high-traffic areas. Look for moving truck packages that include moving equipment, fuel, and insurance in the cost.

The amount and weight of your furniture items will determine the truck size and features needed. Some heavy items may require a hydraulic liftgate to load and unload. Door type, number of seats, and towing capability are other factors to consider.

Our article How To Choose the Right Moving Truck provides more information about selecting a local moving truck best-suited for your move.

Cost of a local move

Local moving services are charged by the hour. The final cost depends on the service type used and the amount of time it's used for. Some moving companies offer fixed-price services where a set amount is paid for a specific amount of time.

At MoveAmerica, we understand that moving-related costs can add up quickly. It's why we offer budget-friendly rates and flexible pricing models.

We also frequently publish new articles and moving guides packed with tips on how to keep your moving costs low.

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Helpful Local Moving Tips

It takes a lot for a local move to go smoothly. It requires time-intensive planning and careful coordination of people, vendors, and vehicles. Costs add up quickly and sticking to a budget is a challenge.

We understand how to plan a successful local move and want to share our knowledge with you. Here are a few recent resources to help you to get started.

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