The MoveRight™ Guarantee

Move with peace of mind

Our Guarantee

MoveAmerica is committed to delivering first-class customer experiences. We want our customers to hire us with confidence and have peace of mind knowing we are more than a moving company. We're also their moving partner.

The MoveRight Guarantee is our promise that we'll perform our services at the highest level of quality. If we're unable to fulfill the terms of our commitments, we'll give you your money back. The details of our guarantee are below.

Our Commitment

On-Time Guarantee

We guarantee our movers and service partners will arrive before or within the arrival time on the day of your move window or we will pay you $25 for labor only appointments or $50 for labor and truck appointments. The arrival time window is included in your appointment confirmation email.

Professionalism Guarantee

We guarantee our movers and service partners will be well-mannered and conduct themselves professionally when they are in your home and throughout your moving appointment. If the conduct of our workers is deemed to be unsatisfactory, we'll pay you $25.

Truck & Equipment Guarantee

We guarantee our movers and service partners will provide a moving truck with cargo capacity large enough to move your belongings in the fewest trips possible. We guarantee we'll provide moving equipment that is functional and capable of carrying out our services expediently. If the size and quality of our trucks and equipment are deemed to be unsatisfactory, we will pay your $25 for labor only and $50 for labor and truck appointments.

How To Submit a Claim

File a claim online at anytime, 24/7. Provide your full name, appointment number, and contact information.

The Claims Review Process

After filling out our claims form, our Customer Support team will contact you by email requesting the information needed to assess your claim. This information is used to determine if we were unable to meet our service commitments as described in the terms of our guarantee and the payout amounts. Once all information about the claim has been collected, processing can take between 5-7 business days.

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