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Reduce Moving Costs by Moving On Non-Peak Days

Learn when and why moving companies offer reduced rates
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Hiring professional movers can reduce the stress and reduce the headaches of the moving process.

Professional movers are trained to carry furniture through tricky spaces, move heavy items safely, and have the equipment to move items faster than with only manpower.

Although there are many benefits to hiring a moving company, the cost can be an obstacle for many. Don't be discouraged because there are several ways to keep the cost of hiring local movers low.

In this article, we'll discuss the strategy of moving on non-peak days and taking advantage of reduced rates.

Which days of the week are the busiest for moving companies?

The busiest days of the week for local movers are typically Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Moving companies commonly charge higher rates on their busier days.

If your move date is flexible, this creates a money-saving opportunity because lower rates could be offered on the other days of the week.

Why are lower rates offered on less busy days?

Moving companies offer lower rates on their slower days (usually Monday through Thursday) because they're trying to incentivize customers to schedule their appointments on those days. This keeps their moving crews busy and avoids idle time.

Moving companies want their moving crews to be working and generating revenue. They only generate revenue when they are moving customers. 

movers lifting media center
Moving companies offer lower rates to keep their crews actively working

Reduced rates are a common strategy local moving companies use to entice their customers to book their appointments on non-peak days. 

This saves the customer money and reduces gaps in a mover's schedule. It's a win-win for both parties.

Are there other reasons it's a good idea to move on a weekday?

Local moving companies make money by charging hourly rates for their time. If it takes 3 hours to complete your move, you're going to pay the hourly rate for three hours.

Some moving companies may offer fixed-fee services. Fixed fee pricing is when a set price is negotiated before the move and the customer pays that amount regardless of how long the move takes. 

Moving companies want their moving crews to be working and generating revenue. They only generate revenue when they are moving customers. 

Fixed-fee pricing is more common for long-distance multi-day moves. It's not the norm for local moves where pricing is time-based and subject to an hourly rate.

For time-based billing, the less time your move takes the less your move will cost. 

There are two parts to moving where a moving truck is used to transport the household goods that take less time if it's done on less busy days -- parking and driving.

When it comes to parking -- size matters

Parking a moving truck is difficult, and the larger the truck the harder it can be.

Making the parking process easy as possible for your moving team will decrease the time it takes to move and save you money. 

Ideally, the parking space is near the front door with the least amount of walking distance between the truck and your home or condo as possible. They're also big with plenty of space to parallel park with ease. 

moving truck double parked
Reserve parking spots in advance to make it easier to park and avoid accidents

Moving trucks are less nimble than commuter cars -- especially large moving trucks. Parallel parking a moving truck in a tight space is tough and where many accidents happen.

Parking Tip: If you're moving from/to an urban high-traffic area, contact your local parking authority to obtain a parking permit. Do this at least two weeks in advance of your move date.

Parking spaces with plenty of space to maneuver reduce accidents and make it easier for the driver to maneuver the truck properly and quickly. 

Finding a big parking space with a short walking distance to the property is going to be easier on weekdays because more people are at work compared to weekends.

Manage drive times carefully

It's common for moving companies to charge for drive time -- the time it takes to transport the household goods between locations.

Paying for drive time makes customers concerned and anxious. What if there's an accident, or a lot of traffic, or construction? Does the customer have to pay for drive time caused by delays that they cannot control?

In many cases... yes. Customers are responsible for paying for drive time -- even when there's traffic that causes the transport time to take longer than expected.

moving truck on open highway
Move during low-traffic times to save money on driving costs

Excessive and unplanned drive time creates a poor customer experience although there's not much the moving company can do to speed up driving time. 

Avoiding excessive driving time is another reason to move on non-peak days. There is generally less traffic during the week which can speed up transporting your belongings from your old home to the new.

Does MoveAmerica offer reduced rates during the week?


MoveAmerica offers reduced rates Monday through Thursday for moving labor and movers and truck services.

Our hourly rate for moving assistance - labor only - is $40/hr per mover Monday through Thursday. This is 12% lower than our Friday through Sunday rate of $45/hr.

If you need movers and a truck, the savings are even better.

Our hourly rate for two movers and a moving truck Monday through Thursday is $110/hr. 

This includes two professional movers, a right-sized moving truck, dollies, fuel, and basic cargo insurance coverage.

Our weekday rate for movers and a truck is 16% less than our weekend rates.

Does MoveAmerica have availability when rates are lower?

There are two ways to check our availability and enjoy the price advantages of moving on non-peak days. 

Our friendly moving advisors are ready to talk on the phone between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Saturday.

If you're more of the do-it-yourself type and prefer to plan your move yourself, you can see our availability using our online scheduling system.

If we don't have availability on your first-choice move date, ask to be placed on our waitlist. Our customers oftentimes reschedule their appointments. We'll call you if a time opens up.

Thank you for allowing MoveAmerica to help you move right.

Brandi Marcene has over a decade of experience and a passion for the moving and transportation niche.

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